There are different Widgets available in Presence that provide different functionality. Each Widget takes up one panel within a dashboard. 

Adding a Widget to a Panel

Empty panels in the layout will have a circled plus icon (Circled Plus - Add Panel Icon) in the center of the empty panel.

Screenshot of empty panel ready for widget to be added.Figure 01: Empty Panel

You can click anywhere in the empty panel to display the Widget Selection dialog box. From this dialog box, you can search for and select a Widget to add to the empty panel.

Screenshot of the Add Widget to Dashboard Dialog BoxFigure 02: Add Widget to Dashboard Dialog Box

Click the Add to Dashboard button to the right of the Widget you want to insert.

Moving a Widget to Another Panel

You can drag and drop a Widget header to an empty panel in order to move the Widget from one panel to another. In Figure 03 below, the Users header is being drug from the panel on the left into the open panel on the right, moving the Widget.

Screenshot of a Widget being moved from one panel to another.Figure 03: Moving Widget

Removing a Widget from a Panel

You can remove existing Widgets from a Panel by selecting the Delete button (Delete button) in the top-right corner of the Widget header.

Screenshot illustrating how to remove a Widget.Figure 04: Removing a Widget

Removing a Widget from a panel will display the Plus sign so that you can add a different Widget.