Dashboard Layout

You can modify the layout of a dashboard to better fit your needs by horizontally and/or vertically splitting existing panels in the layout or removing panels completely from the layout. To modify a dashboard layout, select the dashboard you want to edit then press the lock icon (Lock/Unlock Icon) to lock/unlock the dashboard.

Panel Management

Panels in the layout provide a place to insert Widgets. Each panel in the layout can hold one Widget. If the layout is unlocked or there is a panel that does not currently contain a Widget, you will have to access the panel actions via the three buttons that appear on the top-right corner of the panel.

Screenshot of Presence panels with editing icons highlighted.Figure 01: Panel Management Icons

These actions allow you to create new panels by splitting existing ones or removing panels all together.

Splitting or Removing Panels


Before splitting or removing panels, click the Lock icon (Lock/Unlock Icon) in the upper-right of the screen to move to edit mode.

To split a panel into two separate sections along the vertical axis of the existing panel click the Vertical Split icon:Vertical Split Icon. This creates a second panel directly next to the existing one.

To split the panel into two panels along the horizontal axis of the existing panel click the Horizontal Split icon:Horizontal Split Icon. This creates a second panel directly below the existing one.

Screenshot of an example of a vertical split.Figure 02: Vertical Split Example

To remove a panel press the delete icon:Delete Icon. The panel, including all Widgets in the panel, will be removed from the layout.