Bulk Import

The Bulk Import process saves time and ensures multiple changes are made at the same time without conflict.

Administrators can use the Bulk Upload feature in Kerauno to upload information for blacklisting, devices, firewall rules, generic extensions, numbers, ring groups, SIP Trunks, Speed Dials, and Users. To use the bulk upload feature, select System Admin > Bulk Import from the menu at the left of the screen.

Figure 01 Bulk Import Screen with File Guidelines tab highlighted.Figure 01: Bulk Import

Select the File Guidelines tab to view information for constructing files to be uploaded.

Figure 02: Bulk Import > File Guidelines Tab

Select one of the listed topics to view requirements for that file.

NOTE:All files for bulk upload must be CSV file types.

Figure 03 Bulk Import > File Guidelines tab with Devices file requirements displayed.Figure 03: Bulk Import > File Guidelines Tab, File Requirements Displayed

Once you have created your file, select the Upload File tab to upload your file.

Figure 04 Bulk Upload screen with Choose File ad Upload Bulk Import File buttons highlighted.Figure 04: Bulk Import > Upload File Tab

Click the Choose File button to select the bulk upload file. Once the file has been chosen, click the Upload Bulk Import File button to upload your file.