Release Notes 3.1.00

NOTE:All previously released patches must be applied before upgrading to 3.1.00. Those instances currently on 2.2.0 or greater can upgrade directly to 3.0.0.
Please contact with any questions.

Release Date: 03-12-2019 5pm EST

The 3.1 Release represents the next step for our communications platform. We continue to offer our customers the most modern communication experience while expanding the platform's robust capabilities. 

This release contains our greatest set of features to date including a full compliment of SMS text messaging capabilities and voicemail transcription. General improvements to usability, new versions of Kerauno's mobile apps, and significant bug fixes all help mark our commitment to empowering our customers through communications.

New Features

  • Flows
    • Added Workflow Inputs to the canvas to allow for dragging of existing Workflow Inputs into Flows.
  • Salesforce for Kerauno Beta
    • This integration will provide Kerauno users a streamlined experience within their Salesforce CRM.
    • Details regarding the launch will be revealed later this month. Salesforce for Kerauno will go live in the App Exchange after a successful beta program. 
  • SMS (Excluding Premise Enterprise customers)
    • SMS interactions appear on a separate Chat+ tab making it easier to differentiate between internal and external messaging.
    • Users with an SMS enabled DID can now receive and respond to direct SMS messages via Chat+.
    • SMS enablement and forwarding have been added to the User Configuration settings via the DID/Caller ID tab. 
    • Once SMS is enabled, users can access the SMS tab from within Chat+. Read more in our Knowledgebase.

  • Chat+
    • Improved user experience when using both Chat+ and SMS on non-mobile devices.
  • Voicemail (Excluding Premise Enterprise customers)
    • Voicemail transcription has been added as a new feature. Read more in our Knowledgebase.

Usability Upgrades

  • Windows 10 users can now receive desktop notifications when the Kerauno Desktop Application is out of focus.

General Improvements

  • Calls
    • As a reminder, the Calls tab was renamed to Interaction Routing in a previous version. 
  • Call Recordings
    • Updated the minimum recording retention policy from three days to two days or more.
  • Chat+
    • Removed the ability to delete the general channel. 
  • Call Ring Groups
    • Changed all Ring Group Penalty verbiage to Ring Group Weight. The icon remains the same, only the wording has changed. 
  • Fax
    • When a fax is in process, the following notification appears "Your fax is being sent."
  • Flows
    • Updated the Reset Zoom button for clarity and ease of use.
    • Updated workflow functionality when clicking anywhere within a blue transition pillbox. The object is no longer deleted unless the user selects the trash can icon while the item is selected.
    • Updated the modal for Workflow Toggles for clarity and ease of use.
  • Mobile Apps
    • Updated Google Play Store and iOS Chat+ mobile app with general improvements and SMS. A new version of Bolt with general improvements and security fixes is also available for download. Be sure to download the latest versions. 
  • Network Settings
    • Removed edit access for Administrative and Installer permission groups.  Network Settings can still be viewed.
  • Number Manager
    • Collision detection has been added to all datapoints where a new extension can be created and notifies a Kerauno Installer when an extension is already in use.

Bug Fixes

A total of 43 customer reported bugs were addressed in this release.

  • Alerting
    • Resolved an issue where queue alerting incorrectly reported that a server hit the concurrent call limit. As a result, numerous emails were sent.
  • Bolt
    • Addressed an issue where voicemail greetings were unable to be recorded or modified via Bolt.
  • Extensions
    • Fixed an issue where if Global SIP Qualify Frequency was set on Advanced Settings, it would not force the value on new extensions.
  • Calls
    • Fixed an issue where emergency Caller ID override would be set incorrectly on the primary extension when initially creating a user.
  • Call Recordings
    • Fixed a visual issue in the Recording Source module where the formatting would be incorrect if a username was too long.
    • Fixed an issue where the UI render of the report would not match up with the PDF & CSV render.
  • Chat+
    • Fixed an issue where you could still create Public Channels when Disable Ability to Create Public Channels is enabled.
  • Devices
    • Fixed an issue where the Directory would not function properly on Cisco phones.
  • Fax
    • Added the ability for admins to manage the digit mode faxes go out on (e164 / 11 / 10 digit mode).
    • Fixed an issue where landscape files could not be faxed, saved as a cover page, or stored file.
    • Fixed an issue where resending a fax that had +1 in the destination number would not properly resend.
    • Fixed an issue where a user would get an endless progress bar after clicking the Upload Stored File button without completing the File Name field.
    • Addressed an issue where the user was not notified when attempting to send a fax without selecting a file to send.
  • Flows
    • Fixed an issue where Global Directory listing was not being populated if the number of users exceeded a certain amount.
    • Fixed an issue where on IE11 exclusively, the Agent field would not be shown in the Calls report.
  • Kerauno Desktop App
    • The View PDF button in the Fax module for the desktop application has been removed.  Faxes can still be downloaded as a PDF. This change is only active after a user downloads the new version of the desktop app. 
  • Parking Lots
    • Fixed a rare issue where calls transferred to a parking lot played the incorrect parking spot extension.
  • Permissions
    • Fixed a rare issue where blank permissions could show up in the list of permissions.
  • Phonebook
    • Fixed an issue where users would still show in Click To Dial after being removed from the company phonebook.
    • Fixed an issue where Departments would not properly sort within the User Panel > Phonebook module.
    • Fixed an issue where some users would not be displayed in the Department PDF.
  • Presence
    • Fixed an issue where multiple users would be added to Presence when Bolt was enabled in the User add screen.
    • Fixed an issue where using Presence to answer ring group calls after putting them on hold now would not respect wrap up time.
  • Reports
    • Fixed an issue where a report ran on Time In Status for more than a single day would show incorrect data.
  • Ring Groups
    • Fixed an issue where the Join When Empty setting on a Ring Group would be set to NO when a new user was added to that Ring Group via the Users module.
  • System Settings
    • Fixed an issue on the Recording Retention tab that was causing recordings to be available longer than the system administrator setting.
    • Fixed a rare issue where HTTPS would not work on hosted instances.
  • Security
    • Eliminated security vulnerabilities.
  • Users
    • Addressed a bug that was causing a newly added user to a department to error out when attempting to modify the username.
    • Bulk Welcome Emails now send the correct Bolt information.
  • Wallboards
    • Fixed an issue where usernames were incorrectly being displayed.
  • Voicemail
    • Addressed a bug that caused incoming calls to a DID to terminate instead of route to Voicemail for newly synced users.
    • Fixed an issue where voicemails would not play in the Apple Mail client.
    • Removed Press # for additional options prompt in the voicemail recording as that key press did not give additional options.
    • Fixed an issue where if a user deleted a voicemail, it would incorrectly toggle all voicemails.

Please contact with any questions.