Presence Call Manager

Contains information about Synkato Presence.


Synkato Presence
The Action Bar is shown at the top of the screen and allows you to quickly initiate calls, transfer calls, place calls on hold or even create impromptu conference bridges.
Presence Overview
Synkato Presence is an enterprise call management software tool that interfaces directly with the Synkato phone system. Presence allows users to interact with the phone system in real time to transfer, hold, and view calls that are going on throughout the phone system.
Presence Quick Reference
Kerauno Presence Quick Reference
Presence Status
The top section of the User Menu lists all pre-defined status settings for the user and an option to set custom statuses.
The Synkato Presence Client Interface allows users to create several dashboards containing Layouts tailored to their needs. Each dashboard can have its own custom Layout and contain Widgets of the user's choosing.
Dashboard Layout
The layout of a dashboard can be modified to better fit your needs by horizontally and/or vertically splitting existing panels in the layout or removing panels completely from the layout.
User Settings
This article describes how to work with user settings from the user menu.