Next Form Functionality

When this field is included in the Workflow Form, a button containing the provided label will populate within the form during an active call in the CRM module in the Presence Dashboard. This button gives you the ability to link multiple forms together and maintain the information from previous forms in future forms.

While the Workflow Form is still active in the dashboard of the Presence module, you can switch between the active Workflow Form and the previous Workflow Forms to view information, although information in previous Workflow Forms are non-editable. This button will only be functional if the Go To Configuration is properly set up and not left empty.

To set Go To Configuration, click theAdd Form Goto Configuration Buttonbutton. You will be prompted for the following fields:

  • Go To Form sets the form that this button will redirect the user to.
NOTE:This cannot be empty for the button to work properly.
  • Go To Condition sets the condition configuration that will be required for the button to be functional.  
NOTE:This cannot be empty for the button to work properly.

Once both values have been selected, click theSave Configuration Buttonbutton.

Congrats! You now have a functioning Next Form button in your Kerauno Workflow Platform.