Ring Group Widget

The Ring Group Widget allows a user to view and manage agents and call activity within a ring group. The widget provides a real-time view of what agents are available to answer calls, how many calls are active, and how many callers are on hold (queued) waiting for their calls to be answered.

Screenshot of the Ring Group Widget.Figure 01: Ring Group Widget

Users can choose which sections are visible within the widget by toggling the section buttons in the top-right corner of the screen.
  1. Ring Group List: Shows or hides the list section.
  2. Statistics: Shows or hides Statistics section.
  3. Agents: Shows or hides the Agents section.
  4. Calls: Shows or hides the Calls section.

Screenshot of the Ring Group Settings with items number to coincide with the descriptions to the left of the image.Figure 02: Ring Group Settings

Ring Group List

The Ring Group List on the far-left side of the screen allows the user to cycle through the different ring groups that are built within Synkato. The current active ring group will show in light blue and the header of the widget will change to the currently selected ring group.

Screenshot displaying an example of a Ring Group List.Figure 03: Ring Group List

This field also displays the number of logged in agents next to theLogged-in Agentsicon; the number active calls next to theNumber of Active Calls Iconicon; and total, completed, and abandoned call statistics.

Statistics Section

The Statistics section of the Ring Group Widget shows a detailed view of all ring group statistics. This information includes the number of total calls, average hold times, average talk times, and service level compliance. The statistics here will be reset on an interval chosen by your phone system administrator (daily, weekly, monthly).

Screenshot of the Ring Group Widget Statistics Section.Figure 04: Ring Group Statistics Section

Agents Section

The Agents section displays information about any person/agent who is logged into the ring group to receive calls. The section allows a user to view what calls are actively occurring within the ring group and how long the agent has been on the line.

Screenshot of the Ring Group Agents Section.Figure 05: Ring Group Agents Section

Each feature of this section is labeled in Figure 05 above and described below:

  1. Displays the agent's Name, extension, and current call status (green is an active call, etc.).
  2. Shows the Caller ID of the person the agent is speaking with.
  3. Displays total Talk Time and duration of current call.
  4. ThePause Buttonbutton pauses the Agent from receiving calls from the ring group. Calls that originate from outside that specific ring group (such as ext.-to-ext. calls) will still ring through.
  5. TheDo Not Disturb Buttonbutton puts the agent on Do Not Disturb. Any call that reaches the agent's extension will go directly to voicemail.
  6. TheVoicemail Box Buttonbutton calls the agent's voicemail box.
  7. TheRecording Buttonbutton toggles recording on for the agent's current call.
  8. TheBarge Menu Buttonbutton opens the barge menu, which allows you to listen in on a call, whisper to the agent, or barge the call.
Depending on the user's permissions, some of the above options may not be available for all calls.

Calls Section

The Calls section will show any active calls that are on hold within the ring group. If all agents are currently busy on a call, any new calls that come into the ring group will display under the Calls section.

Screenshot of the Calls SectionFigure 06: Calls Section

The caller's Position in the ring group is shown (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) within this section as well as Caller ID information and the length of time the caller has been on hold.

As with many other sections of the interface, users can drag and drop calls to send them into the ring group.

Users can drag and drop any active call on the Calls section of the widget to transfer the call to the first available agent. Users can also drag and drop active calls onto specific agents within the Agents section, which transfers the call directly to the agent's extension.

Screenshot of the Calls Section drag and drop functionality.Figure 07: Calls Section Drag and Drop Functionality