Departments Overview

The Departments menu allows the System Administrator to create departments within the Kerauno system. Departments are used to mimic a typical business structure, where a group of employees are considered a department and that department is assigned a manager.

Screenshot of the Departments menu.Figure 01: Departments Menu

There are many advantages to using departments.

  • In Kerauno, every department will also act as its own individual ring group. As a ring group, all members of the department can be called or paged by dialing the department's ring group number.
  • Department Managers will have access to their department call statistics and recordings via the Kerauno user portal. Call records can be segmented so that managers can see all calls that came into their department for a given time period.
  • Departments will appear in the Phonebook menu in the user portal. Having the ability to segment by department in the phonebook makes it easy to find the extension for specific users.