Release Notes 2020.04.1

2020.04.1 Release

NOTE:Customers can upgrade from 3.1.01 to this release. Customers still on 2.2.02 or previous versions must first upgrade to 3.1.01 before installing 2020.04.1. Please contact with any questions.

Release Dates: 

Partner Release: May 6th @5PM EST

General Release: May 13th @5PM EST

New Features 

E911 Dispatch/Addresses

Handsets added to the Kerauno System now can be assigned an address and dispatchable location from the Users & Devices > Device Address menu. This address information is added to all enabled e911 notifications when a user makes a 911 call. The dispatchable location is sent via email to system administrators or others who may be responsible for coordinating an emergency response.

This feature meets the requirements of upcoming FCC regulations relating to VoIP and emergency dialing. You can read more about those regulations here.

To learn more about configuring your system for e911 alerts and device locations, visit the Knowledgebase article here.

Secure SIP/ SRTP

Secure SIP and SRTP have been added for all supported Polycom and Yealink handsets to add an additional layer of security and data encryption. This functionality may be enabled within the Users & Devices > Devices menu, and handsets will need to be rebooted to take advantage of the new encryption setting.

Note: Due to the requirements involved Secure SIP and SRTP functions are only available for environments hosted in the Kerauno cloud with a Kerauno domain.

You can find more information on this feature here.

General Updates

  • General Improvements to optimize the speed of the upgraded process and the efficiency of service restarts.
  • Added user controls for all system reports to ensure users cannot run a second report until the first report has returned data successfully.


  • Added certification for the Polycom VVX 150,250, and 350 devices.

Bug Fixes


  • Optimized report run time for user dashboards
  • Resolved an issue where some elements of the UI would not appear properly in IE 11.
  • Resolved an issue where fax alerting emails would not properly link to the relevant file.

Bolt Softphone

  • Resolved an issue where new users would be enabled for the Bolt Softphone regardless of their configuration.
  • Solved an issue where the Bolt directory import generated within the Kerauno Phonebook would not import properly.

Ring Group Callback

  • Resolved an issue where Ring Group Callback would not initatite properly if the caller hung up too quickly

Please contact with any questions.