Release Notes 3.1.05

NOTE:Customers can upgrade from 3.1.01 to this maintenance release. Customers still on 2.2.02 or previous versions must first upgrade to 3.1.01 before installing 3.1.05.
Please contact with any questions.

Release Date: 07-30-2019 5pm EST

Maintenance Release 3.1.05 includes a new functionality as well as several bug fixes. Interruptions to application or voice services are not expected.

Updated Functionality

  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is now available in Remote Backup and Remote Storage areas of the product. This feature provides additional security when handling data transmission to offsite storage. This option is ideal for protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as it transmits to 3rd party storage services, and is especially beneficial for clients with strict data security policies, including healthcare organizations or financial institutions. 

    Note: An SFTP Server must be established by a Kerauno Admin before enabling this feature. Click here to learn more.

Bug Fixes

On Hold

  • Fixed an issue where the wrapup timer was not properly setting when a call was taken off of Hold. This applies only when utilizing Local Hold. 


  • Addressed an issue where an incorrect error message displayed when deleting a Voicemail.

Call Recordings

  • Addressed an issue where users were unable to download their own recordings.

Please contact with any questions.