Workflow Webhooks

A Webhook is a feature that allows for data to be sent to other systems or endpoints (URLs) delivers data to other applications as it happens. Workflow Webhooks are objects that change the current values of workflow tags in the Call Flow tool utilizing Workflow Webhook Configurations to reroute calls and work flows. In Call Flows, these can be used in conjunction with Workflow Conditions to reroute calls to certain agents, certain ring groups, different IVRs, or any other Call Flow object.

Setting Up & Maintaining Workflow Conditions

Navigate to the Kerauno Dashboard > Call Routing > Call Flow module of your system.

Select the route you would like to add a condition too.

You can drag & drop a Workflow Condition as a destination to any object.

In the right side of the Call Flow Tool there is an object calledWorkflow Webhook Button. Drag and drop this selection over anywhere in the Call Flow where you would like to add a new webhook condition.

Once you land on where you want the tag to be updated, you will be prompted with a form similar to the one illustrated in Figure 01 below.

Figure 1 Workflow WebhookFigure 01: Workflow Webhook

  • The Name is the visual representation of the webhook in the Call Flow Tool.
  • The Webhook is a defined Webhook Configuration that you would like to trigger at this point in the call flow. 

Congrats! You now have a functioning Workflow Webhook in your Kerauno Workflow Platform.