Release Notes 1.1.06

Release Date: 03/26/2015

New Functionality

  • Added a major release to our Kerauno Presence server which includes better memory management, a backend to allow for further permission settings, lower client overhead and Single Sign On (this has been requested a lot!)
  • Added Generic Fax Boxes which will allow for you to define users who will be able to see faxes going to a general account in their User Panel > Fax panel.
  • Added CDR Type 'Fax' to CDRs - you can now filter for 'Fax' CDRs in the CDR Tool.
  • Fax Module - Added In-Call Analytics links for Received Faxes.
  • Fax Module - There is now a Fax Files tab where you can upload Fax Files that can be then clicked and sent with ease using the Send a Fax tool.
  • Added the ability to toggle DND on a user from an Administrator level.
  • Fax Module - Added Previews for each fax on Received Faxes and Sent Faxes that show images for up to the first 2 pages of the fax.
  • Added the "Remember Me" toggle on the login page.
  • Fax Module - There is now a Fax Settings tab where you can set your fax Caller ID to either the Trunk Default Caller ID, to a Generic Fax #, or to your DID
  • Added Voicemail Blasting in PBX Admin > Voicemail Blasting. This feature allows you the ability to distribute a pre-recorded voice greeting to multiple users on the system at once.
  • Added Device Log in Users/Devices > Devices.
  • Fax Module - You can now upload a Cover Page for your faxes
  • Certified Polycom IP5000 with AutoEXeC
  • Added the ability to select a generic extension in the Devices tab.
  •  You can now modify everything that was available in Callflow -> Ring Groups through the Callflow Tool.
  • Fax Module - Disabled ‘Send a Fax’ button if faxing is disabled.
  • Removed all instances of the ‘CDR ID’ field in Reporting.
  •  Changed CDR Type 'Ring Groups' to 'Ring Group'

Updated Functionality

  • Minimized the installer to just 4 steps (‘Start’, ‘Terms of Use’, ‘Network & Time’, ‘License’) which resolved some bugs in the installer.
  • Hunt Groups can now be organized when modifying a ring group as well.
  •  Improved the aesthetics of the Fax module.
  • Reporting - Changed all reports titled ‘Average Handling Time’ to ‘Average Talk Time'<Describe updated Function>
  • Tweaked the values allowed in Ring Strategies to allow more flexibility.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue with phone registration email alerts not going out
  • Fixed an issue where voicemail secrets could not start with a zero.
  • Resolved issues with Generic Extensions requiring a reboot after updating the device.
  • Fixed an issue with the Post API that would cause it to crash and cause load on the system.
  • Fixed an issue in the Find Me/Follow Me module where a user would be prevented from saving their settings.
  • Fixed verbage on Users for Kerauno Presence + Resolved problem with FMFM settings on a new user.
  • Music on Hold will not properly update the default playlist at all times on a system rebuild.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't restart the web server from system health.
  • Fixed Generic Extension validation and now only allows proper inputs.
  • Fixed an issue where Faxes would sometimes not send due to a backend permission problem.
  • Scheduled Reports - Fixed an issue where report parameters would still be showing up as “undefined”.
  • Fixed issue where phonebook would export extra options
  •  Resolved an issue where you couldn't add an email in System Alerting
  • Fixed an issue with the installer that would occur after initially applying a license.
  • Resolved problem where backup email notifications were not being sent.
  •  Fixed verbiage in ring groups to accurately reflect the ring group agent restriction settings