Users and Devices

Includes topics such as: generic extensions, generic faxes, generic voicemails, paging zones, permissions, registering phones, departments, devices, and users.


Content includes departments overview and creating/deleting departments.


Content includes devices information and device logs.


Manage Users
Introduction Each user is provided with a login to reach the Kerauno interface and a primary extension number. The Users menu allows administrators to build, modify, and delete user accounts and extensions. From the Kerauno homepage, click the...
Enabling Voicemail Transcription
There are two options for enabling Voicemail Transcription: Voicemail Transcription is available for users on 3.1 and higher, excluding premise enterprise customers. Update the Default User Configuration Edit the transcription setting to YES ...
Generic Extensions
A Generic Extension is an extension on the phone system that is not tied to one specific user. Break room phones, conference room phones, or any phone that is located in a public area are examples of where a generic extension is used. Generic Extensions do not have a voicemail box or access into the Kerauno User Panel.
Generic Faxes
A Generic Fax is an extension on the phone system that is not tied to one particular user. Some examples of where a generic fax would be used include a departmental fax, a company-wide fax that is sent to an administrative assistant, or any other fax number not tied to one specific person.
Activating Inbound FAX to Email for a User
In Order enable inbound FAX to a user’s DID number you will need to enable the FAX to Email setting for the user. This will cause Kerauno to listen on the line for a FAX tone and receive the FAX if one is inbound. This prevents the user’s phone from ringing if the incoming call is a FAX, which also will introduce a short delay to accomplish this.
Generic Voicemails
A Generic Voicemail box is a voicemail that is not tied to one specific user. Some common examples a generic voicemail use include: “After Hours” voicemails when the business is closed, departmental voicemails, or as a failover destination during long hold times.
Paging Zones
Paging zones allow system administrators to target pages to specific areas in an organization.
The Permissions menu configures portal permissions for any users logging into the Kerauno web portal. By setting up and assigning users to permissions groups, the System Administrator will be able to control which menus, sub menus, and settings users have access to.