Release Notes 1.3.06

New Functionality

  • API - Added API to get Agent Statuses per Ring Group.
  • Conference Agent Panel Features - Added the ability to create a "CAP" call from any source.
  • Conference Agent Panel Features - Added Overflow destinations in Callflow Tool.
  • Conference Agent Panel Features - Added Indexed Searching in the Call Recording Tool.
  • Conference Agent Panel Features - Raised total rooms available to 150.
  • Phonebook - Added ability to download a PDF export of the Feature Codes in the system.
  • Added 'Disk Space Needed to Generate Backup' information to the Backup/Restore module.

Updated Functionality

  • If server is set to HTTPS module, Presence will now automatically pop out. An issue where multiple tabs would open up has been resolved.
  • Reworked the graphics/interactions with Callflow Toggles in the Kerauno Callflow UI.
  • If First Name and Last Name are changed for a user, Display Name will also change as a result.
  • System Logs - Cleaned up the system logs to hide unneeded system initiated events.
  • Generic Extensions - Added 'Advanced' tab and reformatted the Generic Extensions module.
  • System Logs - "axia" user is now called "Admin" in System Logs.
  • Fixed some typos throughout the system.

Bug Fixes

  • White Label - Fixed an issue where the 170x45 Logo was overwriting the 800x200 Logo.
  • Removed JIRA Manager from User dashboards that do not have the JIRA Addon.
  • Wallboards - Added some fixes that will prevent Wallboards from timing out.
  • Cisco SPA Phones - Fixed an issue where some Cisco SPA Phones would have trouble registering.
  • Fixed an issue where device remote reboots could not work.
  • Global Wallboard - Fixed an issue where an agent name could show up as 'CUSTOM_AMI'.