Release Notes 2.2.01

Release Date: 09/10/2018

Please be aware that 2.2.01 is a patch release to address some issues introduced in the 2.2 release. 

New Functionality

  • Bulk Import
    • Added functionality that sets Bolt as the primary device when Bolt is enabled for a User imported using Bulk Importer.
  • Presence
    • Added all workflow tagging and components as variables (cannot contain underscore) in the Presence Screen Pop functionality.

Bug Fixes

  • Wallboards
    • Fixed a rare issue where Calls Waiting on Wallboards would appear to be a negative number.
    • Fixed an issue where Wallboards would sometimes require a manual refresh.
    • Fixed an issue where Wallboards would not function properly on HTTP
    • Fixed an issue where Wallboards would have inaccurate data due to breakout calls being displayed as answered calls.
    • Fixed an issue where there were inconsistencies in the new and legacy wallboard data.
  • Devices
    • Fixed configuration file for yealink model phones to point to the proper ntp server.
    • Fixed an issue where some Yealink models would connect to the NTP server too frequently causing the time shown to not be correct.
  • Presence
    • Fixed an issue where some users would sometimes appear as if they were logged into a single ring group multiple times.
  • System Health
    • Fixed an issue where the System Health module was not able to restart services.
  • Backup and Restore
    • Fixed an issue where after a restore, the database was inaccessible.
  • Network and Firewall
    • Fixed a rare issue where the server time would not match the actual time.
  • Chat+
    • Fixed an issue where the unread Chat+ messages badge on the navigation tab would not always be accurate.
  • UI
    • Fixed an issue where the Help icon was disabled for Chat+ and Presence modules.
  • Alerting
    • Fixed an issue where the backup and restore procedure would show "Running" when files had already been uploaded.
  • Remote Storage
    • Fixed an error where Configurable Queue Alerting would sometimes not function properly.
  • Ring Groups/Ring Group Analytics
    • Fixed an issue where the Join When Empty setting would not function properly.
    • Fixed an issue where breakouts were not logging properly in the Ring Group Summary report.
  • Reporting
    • Fixed an issue where PDF and CSV exports would not always show data.
  • Users
    • Fixed an issue where Recording settings within Modify User were not correctly displaying.
  • SMS (Beta)
    • Fixed an issue where the first character of a message sent from a contact group was not being sent.