Release Notes 2.1.02


There was a prior version of 2.1.02 available for download prior to June 12. That version is being invalidated and removed as an option to upgrade. 

The new 2.1.03 Release is the patch that includes additional Presence enhancements and a couple reporting bugs. 

For customers who installed 2.1.02 the upgrade to 2.1.03 will patch the additional features. 

For customers who had not updated and are still on 2.1.01, the upgrade to 2.1.03 will work and bring your environments up to the latest tested version without having to upgrade 2.1.02.

Going forward, Kerauno will consolidate releases to be more cohesive and function-based. Thank you for your understanding.

New Functionality

  • Added analytics for conference calls created in the Presence module to provide more call information.
  • New fully certified handsets (Yealink CP960 and Zultys ZIP 35i).

Updated Functionality

  • Alerts
    • Updated the email template verbiage to include name of ring group.
    • Improved formatting in the ring group alert emails for clarity and consistency.
  • Performance
    • Optimized the speed of loading the numbers within the number selector.
    • Improved the speed of loading requests throughout the system.
  • Reporting
    • Updated the Reporting Tool emailing system for consistency with other emails sent out by the system.
  • Trunk Configuration
    • Admins can now force a default trunk on all numbers in Number Manager.
    • When the first trunk is added to a server a prompt is displayed allowing users to set that trunk as primary on all dial plans.
  • Workflow Form
    • Enabled ability to display data automatically in Workflow Forms paragraph field for ease of use.
  • Bulk Importer
    • Added support for symbol characters when adding phone numbers in the Bulk Importer tool to avoid errors if dashes, slashes, etc. are included.
  • Call Flow
    • Added Vertical Scrollbar on the Call Flow tool making viewing easier.
  • Chat+/Presence
    • Disabled the tutorial button when Chat+ or Presence are active as the walk-through in the tutorial doesn't include Chat+ or Presence.
  • Devices
    • Updated verbiage for consistency on Yealink models in Users & Devices > Devices.
  • Installer
    • Updated the installer verbiage for consistency with system messaging.
    • Increased the number of characters accepted to 30 when setting an installer password. The password can include upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Jira
    • Added ability for system admin to restart Jira service.
  • Updates
    • Removed the 'Apply Update Now' button if an update is already scheduled.
  • User Panel
    • Added functionality of redirecting to the main User Panel page when the logo in the top left of the screen is clicked.
  • Presence
    • New local hold behavior allows a customer to either take agents our of a ring group while they are on hold so that they don’t receive calls when they are working with a customer, or function as it has in the past where hold still allowed users to receive another call.
    • Related to the new local hold option, administrators can now see the status of all agents in a group and manually take them to available if the agent gets stuck or can’t remove the hold themselves.

Bug Fixes

  • Backups
    • Set scheduled backups to only run at the top of the hour they are set to.
  • Bulk Importer
    • The Bulk Import tool now uses the User Defaults when creating a user.
    • Fixed an issue where if an error occurred in a Bulk Importer file upload, the values prior to the error would be submitted to the system and the file would not be appended to the history list.
  • Call Flow
    • Fixed an issue where multiple custom destinations would be shown in the Call Flow tool after adding a custom option to an IVR.
  • Chat+
    • Fixed an issue with scrolling in Chat+.
    • Chat+ sessions are now saved over night so users no longer lose their Chat+ sessions every night.
  • Devices
    • Handset directories and configurable feature keys now display properly even if certain special characters are included in an extension or speed dial name.
    • Configurable Line Keys now show the key label properly on Yealink models.
    • Now all Polycom SoundPoint IP330 models register properly.
  • Devices/Generic Extensions
    • Generic Extensions will now consistently register to devices properly.
  • Dual Server
    • Improved Dual Server functionality so users are able to login to a secondary server.
  • Feature Codes
    • The downloaded PDF of feature codes now matches the codes listed in the Feature Codes module in the User Interface.
  • Generic Fax
    • When a new Generic Fax is added, it is immediately displayed on the Generic Fax list to reduce confusion resulting from a delay in display.
  • Network and Firewall
    • Whitelisting an IP within the Network and Firewall module now unbans that IP if it had previously been banned.
  • Presence
    • Fixed an issue related to permission levels in Presence.
    • Conference Calls launched through Presence no longer terminate when picked up by a user.
  • Reporting
    • Saved custom queries are now shown in the Workflow Form Reports module even if only one Workflow Form was saved in the system.
    • An email is now sent when a scheduled report for Trunk Analytics is run.
    • Resolved issue where scheduled reports from before 2.1.00 would have Call Details Query listed as 'Undefined'
    • Fixed an issue where an error would occur in the Call Recording Reporting module if no extension was selected.
    • Downline analytics fix added column to Report 5 (Downline Stats by User - total talk time added now in the PDF report.
  • Ring Groups
    • Fixed an issue where enabling ring group alerts without any recipients prevents all other ring group alerts from working.
    • A Ring Group with alerts toggled on but has no email recipients no longer affects email alerts being sent for any other Ring Group.
  • Ring Group Analytics
    • Discrepancies and inaccuracies in reports in Ring Group Analytics have been corrected.
  • Users
    • Fixed an issue where the Bolt Username would not always contain the hostname.
  • Workflow Forms
    • Fixed an issue where the Next Form button on the Workflow Forms in Presence would not be enabled.
    • In Workflow Forms, the Add Field Condition button is now available for Header fields.
    • Fixed an issue where choosing 'No Selection' while modifying the Go To Conditions in the Workflow Form module did not complete the selection.
    • Editing Workflow forms is no longer required to use workflows.
  • Number Select
    • The number selector throughout the system no longer allows the selection of a number that's currently in use.
  • Mobile User Interface
    • Fixed a rare issue where when initializing a call via the mobile User Interface, an error would occur.
  • Alerts Tab
    • Fixed an issue where the Alerts tab would not immediately be visible after a new Ring Group was created.
  • System Connectors
    • System connectors couldn't be deleted, now it's handling the error property.