Remote Work Tips & Guidelines


The rise of distributed organizations and the move towards decentralization has changed the ways we work and communicate. In the last 40 years we've witnessed a gradual shift from the traditional office building and the growth of telework (one in five workers worldwide telecommute).

This article provides an overview of helpful Synkato features and key items that will allow remote workers to excel in their daily business communications. Follow these tips to get the most out of the work from home experience and still maintain "anywhere accessibility."

Specifically with the changes in today's business environment caused by COVID-19, we understand that remote work may still be new for many of our users. If you have questions or just need a hand getting set up and configured for remote work, feel free to reach out to your Synkato vendor.

Desktop Phones

While not simply plug-and-play, it is possible to bring home your desktop phone, but there are implications for the IP address and registering the device off-network. Consult with if you require assistance performing this type of phone configuration.

Registering Phones

Network & Firewall

Best Practices

Making the transition to remote work can be a challenge, especially in the midst of an international crisis. Note the following tips when working from home:

  1. Create a dedicated work space. During uncertain times having a dedicated space and routine is a good thing. Carve out some space in a corner of the kitchen, your bedroom, etc., and make it your office. Having that dedicated space can give you a good sense of routine.
  2. Treat the day like it is a standard work day. Each morning when you wake up be sure to follow a standard routine and dress for work even though you are staying at home. Research shows that those who follow a standard routine and dress for work despite working remotely accomplish more, have a better sense of purpose, and produce better outcomes.
  3. Use video conference in your daily routine. Try to video conference your peers to chat, engage, or ask questions—during these times of working from home and being isolated, video face-to-face time is healthy, good, and encouraged.
  4. Don't worry about the kids or background noise. The rules of business just changed when we were hit with this "stay at home" situation. Everyone you work with or will encounter in video meetings, phone calls, etc., will be dealing with the same situation—so don't sweat the small stuff.
  5. Be flexible and have compassion. These are uncharted times and you may personally have some fear and anxiety now or during the days ahead. That is perfectly normal and know that we are all in this together and we'll get through it together! While we don't know how long this will last, we are here for you and your family should you need anything!


Ensure you are running the most up-to-date version of the software.

Synkato and Bolt Desktop Application

Upgrading the Desktop Application

Chat+ Mobile App

Chat+ Mobile App Quick Reference Guide

Bolt Softphone

Download the latest version of the Bolt Softphone app from the Play Store or App Store, depending on your device. 


Note these key settings when configuring your account for remote work: 

  • Set up for receiving calls remotely:
    • Make sure to download and install Bolt Softphone (desktop and mobile).
    • If not using Bolt, be sure to enable Synkato's Find Me feature.
  • Configure your mobile number to use within Synkato. In the User Profile section of the User Panel, click the gear icon to add or edit the My Mobile number. 
  • Enable Voicemail to Email option on the Voicemail Configuration tab. 

Find Me

Whether working from the main office or your home office, mobility doesn't need to be limited when you step away from your desk. Use the Find Me feature to enable call forwarding and never miss a call. You can also use the Confirm Calls setting to perform call screening, as well as specify a schedule via Custom Times to only enable the Find Me feature at specific times of the day and/or week.

See the Find Me article to learn more about this feature.

Phonebook & Contacts

The Phonebook provides a directory of all users and extensions in the system. It's important to know how to reach someone when you aren't in close proximity to your team. Dialing any user's extension on Synkato will reach a user on all of their configured devices (e.g., mobile phone). You can also download and print out a PDF version of the Phonebook: 


Video: Phonebook Overview

Video: Download Phonebook PDF

Use the Search Contacts field at the top of the screen to search the directory by name or number. Start typing a name or telephone number and the corresponding results appear (do not include hyphens or spaces in your query).

User Panel


Presence provides Call Center and front desk/receptionist functionality, enabling users to interact with the phone system in real-time to transfer, hold, and view calls that are going on throughout the phone system, and giving you the flexibility to do everything possible with a physical handset. With the ability to view the current status of all users, Presence is a great tool to avoid interrupting someone currently on a phone call—which is especially important when working remotely.

Presence Overview

Customize your Presence settings and preferences (e.g., desktop notifications):

User Settings


Chat+ is Synkato's chat, collaboration, and file sharing platform, enabling you to seamlessly stay connected when working remotely or away from the office. Chat+ works across all devices and from anywhere—as a web app, desktop client, and native mobile app for iOS and Android.

Chat+ Desktop Quick Reference Guide

Chat+ Mobile App Quick Reference Guide

Bolt Softphone

The Synkato Bolt Softphone allows you to use your Windows computer, iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, iPad, Android Tablets, iPhone, or Android Phone to make and receive calls while maintaining the key features and function of your Synkato phone system. A desktop and mobile softphone, you can use Bolt—from anywhere—to make and receive calls from your business phone number, creating a true "one number experience."

Refer to the Bolt Desktop guide to learn how to download the directory and import contacts, make and receive calls with Bolt, and more:

Bolt Desktop Application Quick Reference Guide

You can also customize additional Bolt preferences (e.g., auto answer settings and alert configuration):

Bolt Desktop Settings

Configure and use the Bolt Softphone app on your preferred mobile device:

Bolt Mobile Application Quick Reference Guide