Recordings Widget

The Recordings Widget allows you to view and manage call recordings for all of your extensions. The list shown within the widget will display all available recordings by the Source, Destination, Date/Time, and Duration of a specific call.

The Recordings Widget will show all calls to any extensions associated with an account for the past 30 days.

Screenshot of the Recordings widget with numbered elements referring to recording actions defined/described below.Figure 01: Recordings Widget

Recording actions are described below:

  1. Play: Click this button to play the voicemail in your browser over your PC's speakers.
  2. Volume Control: This button mutes/unmutes the voicemail and controls volume.
  3. Play via Phone: Select a specific recording and then click thePlay via Phone Buttonbutton to ring your main extension and play the recording over the phone handset.
  4. Delete: You can permanently delete a recording by clicking theDelete Buttonbutton.

Please note that all columns on this page are sortable in ascending and descending order. Columns can be sorted by clicking theSort Buttonbutton next to any column header. This sorting feature may make it easier to find a specific call.

Recordings screenshot with sort button indicated.Figure 02: Recordings Screen - Sort Button