Release Notes 2020.12.1

2020.12.1 Release

WARNING: Performing this upgrade results in a brief interruption of service. Therefore, we recommend upgrading after business hours when call volume is the lowest. Please confirm that all calls have been completed prior to initiating the upgrade.

NOTE:Customers can upgrade from 3.1.01 to this release. Customers still on 2.2.02 or previous versions must first upgrade to 3.1.01 before installing 2020.12.1. Please contact with any questions.

Release Dates: 

Partner/New Customer Release: December 1st @5PM EST

General Release: December 7th @5PM EST

New Branding 

Welcome to the new and improved - Synkato!

General branding changes are now live, including new logos and minor changes to the overall color scheme of the application.  To fully take advantage of the new branding, please download the newest Chat+, desktop, and, if applicable, Bolt applications to your devices. They are all available through the Downloads dropdown within the main User Panel dashboard. Release notes and Knowledge Base have been relocated to Please ensure any saved or bookmarked pages are properly updated to reflect the change.

If you have any questions regarding the branding changes, please contact

General Improvements



  • New downloads are available for the following apps:
    • Bolt - iOS, Android, Mac, Windows
    • Chat+ - iOS, Android
    • Desktop App - Mac, Windows

Integrated Softphone 

  • Added support for call waiting / two active calls within the Integrated Softphone.



  • Updated firmware for Yealink T4xS models to version 84.
  • Updated firmware for Yealink T53W to version 85.
  • Certified Yealink T53 devices.
  • Certified Yealink T58A devices.

Dial Plans

  • Updated requirements for dial plans:
    • International and Near Domestic dial plans now require PINs.
    • Non-AxiaTP provided trunks are not required to have PINs stored for International and Near Domestic dial plans.


  • Optimized the behavior when Apply Phone System Changes is pressed.

Integrated Softphone

  • Added an ability to refresh connection within the Integrated Softphone UI should internet connection be lost / IP updated.


  • Added a health checking service that will restart presence in the rare occurrence that Presence stopped functioning.


  • Within CDR Logs, added a `/ International` to the CDR Type if it is an international call for clarification purposes.
  • Within CDR Logs, modified the behavior of the filter toggles for clarity.
  • Within Ring Group Analytics, improved loading speed by optimizing the rendering of Ring Group Analytics.


  • On non-hosted systems, added the ability to block ports in the Network & Firewall module.


  • Added additional health checks and automatic resolution steps for improved functionality.


  • Added 'Access to Presence Dashboard' setting to the Presence Tab of the Users module. If this setting is disabled, the user will appear within Presence, but they will not have access to the Presence dashboard through their UI.

Bug Fixes

Call Flow

  • Fixed an issue where an error would be presented while working with Directories within the Call Flow Tool.


  • Fixed an issue where extensions would be missing within the click-to-dial search dropdown.

Integrated Softphone

  • Updated UI behavior with invalid/blacklisted outgoing calls.
  • Fixed an issue when using the 'Transfer Now' functionality to transfer a caller to an external number with a non-primary Integrated Softphone extension.


  • Resolved an issue where the number of Generic Extensions shown within the Licensing module would not be accurate.

Network & Firewall

  • Resolved an issue where users would get an error when trying to save Time Settings.
  • General updates to saving Network Configuration changes.

Parking Lots

  • Fixed an issue where drag and dropping a call to a parking lot within presence when digits are 3- or 5-digits would not behave properly.


  • Fixed a rare issue where a user could receive an error within the CRM widget in Presence when receiving a call.


  • Within CDR Logs, fixed an issue where the `Only Show International Calls` toggle was behaving incorrectly.
  • Within Ring Group Analytics, resolved an issue where the agent's name would not display properly in the Call Volume Details by Agent report.

Ring Groups

  • Fixed an issue where announcement frequency was not properly being honored within ring groups, resulting in the announcement being delivered more frequently than expected.


  • Fixed an issue where some items were displaying incorrectly when updating a user.
  • Resolved an issue where usernames could not be saved properly if the prefix was the same.

Please contact with any questions.