Release Notes 2020.03.1

What's New? 

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NOTE:We have modified the software release numbering system beginning with this release. The new format is: [Year].[Month].[Version]. Note that the [Version] number increments only within the release month and then resets.

2020.03.1 Release

NOTE:Customers can upgrade from 3.1.01 to this release. Customers still on 2.2.02 or previous versions must first upgrade to 3.1.01 before installing 2020.03.1. Please contact with any questions.

Release Date: 03-23-2020 5pm EST

Release 2020.03.1 includes various new features, general improvements, bug fixes, and a new version of Bolt Softphone. Visit your device app store to download the latest Softphone application. 

New Features 

(Beta) Video Meetings- soft launch availability. General availability to be announced at a later date.

Video Conferencing powered by BlueJeans features collaboration tools delivered through supreme video and audio. The User Panel Video Conferencing tab allows users to quickly join a video meeting. 

Contact your Kerauno Account Representative to get started with Video Meetings. Once added to your account, there is no need to provision accounts for general users. Video Hosts are enabled either via bulk import or one click within User Management.

Note: Users leveraging Zoom can continue to use this integration as they are today.

Read more about Video Meetings.

Ring Group Callback

Kerauno's Ring Group Callback feature allows callers to receive a call back when an agent becomes available. This feature streamlines call center queues as well as greatly improves customer satisfaction. 

Ring Group Callback is enabled through each respective Ring Group. Ring Group Callback metrics are available within the Ring Group Analytics report. 

Read more about Ring Group Callback.

General Updates


  • Added certification for the Polycom VVX 450 device.
  • Added the ability to factory reset Yealink phones via SIP Command.


  • Added the ability to send faxes with a width greater than 8.5".
  • Improvements have been made to handle multiple faxes sent in close proximity to each other chronologically.
  • Fax support is now available for landscape-oriented pages with left to right text.


  • Added access to the Kerauno UI and Chat+ for users with the Business license type.

Number Manager

  • Updated the Number Manager within System Admin > Number Manager to allow numbers with 6-8 digits, 10 digits, and E.164 format, enabling expansion into countries with different dial patterns.


  • Increased the permission set for an Kerauno Installer to automatically access features that were previously manually enabled (e.g., Holiday Lists, Workflow Tools, etc.).


  • Added an Allow Reporting Admins to delete recordings option within System Settings > Advanced Settings > Recordings tab. Select Yes to allow Reporting Admins to delete recordings from In-Call Analytics.


  • Added the Form Name column to the Workflow Form Report web render and PDF export.

Ring Groups

  • Updated setting within Interaction Routing > Call Ring Groups > Ring Strategy tab. The Ring Group Retry slide bar can now be set as low as 2 seconds instead of 5 second increments for all Ring Strategies. The following warnings display when setting Ring Group Retry for 15 seconds or less when Ring All Ring Strategy is utilized: 
    • When using Ring All Ring Group Strategy with between 11 and 20 agents, it is recommended to configure the Ring Group Retry setting to be greater than or equal to 10 seconds.
    • When using Ring All Ring Group Strategy with more than 20 agents, it is recommended to configure the Ring Group Retry setting to be greater than or equal to 15 seconds.


  • Added a DID Prefix tab to System Admin > Trunks with a default DID Prefix setting value of +1 (can also be left blank).

Bug Fixes

Call Blacklists

  • Corrected an issue where inbound and outbound labels for Blacklisting were reversed.


  • Fixed an issue where users without Chat+ enabled could not view contact cards in the Kerauno App.


  • Addressed an issue where basic users would see the Reporting module when logging in.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to click their user icon on the top-right of the application to log out.

Generic Faxes

  • Addressed an issue where an item routed to a generic fax failed. 


  • Addressed an issue where Ring Group Analytics report wasn't using 'Breakout' calls when calculating average hold time and abandoned calls.
  • Fixed an issue where workflow reports using the 'Like' option would not return expected results.


  • Wallboard resiliency has been increased when connection errors occur.

Please contact with any questions.