Conference Rooms

The Conference Rooms sidebar as shown in Figure 01 below allows the System Administrator to build and manage ad-hoc and leader-based conference rooms.

Image of Kerauno's Conference Rooms SidebarFigure 01: Kerauno's Conference Rooms Sidebar

Ad-Hoc Conferences

An ad-hoc conference bridge remains open and available at all times. Participants can enter and exit at will. No credentials are required to either open a conference bridge or participate in one. System Administrators can set up and manage ad-hoc conference rooms by using the menu as shown in Figure 02 below.

Image of Ad-Hoc Conference Room menu.Figure 02: Ad-Hoc Conference Rooms Menu

Leader-Based Conferences

A leader-based conference requires both a participant and leader PIN to operate. Participants may dial into the conference room before the leader has arrived, however they will be kept on hold. As the conference leader enters the leader PIN, all participants will bridge together and begin the conference call. As shown in Figure 03 below, the Leader-Based Conferences administration page is similar to the Ad-Hoc Conferences administration page. The only difference is the addition of PINs to the room summary.

Image of Leader-Based Conference Administration page.Figure 03: Leader-Based Conference Rooms Menu