Activating Inbound FAX to Email for a User

In order to enable inbound FAX to a user's DID number you will need to enable the FAX to Email setting for the user. This will cause Kerauno to listen on the line for a FAX tone and receive the FAX if one is inbound. This prevents the user's phone from ringing if the incoming call is a FAX, which also will introduce a short delay to accomplish this.

Find the User you would like to activate the feature for:

Screenshot of search for user to activate the Fax to Email feature for.Figure 01: Search for User

Verify that there is a DID associated with the User. Enable the Fax to Email option:

Screenshot illustrating how to enable Fax to Email.Figure 02: Enable Fax to Email Option

NOTE:This function will be available only if the user has a DID associated with them.