An announcement in the Synkato call flow tool is simply an information message that will play to a caller. After the audio message has been played to the caller, the call flow will move on to a configured "After Announcement" destination. 

Some potential applications of an announcement would be to play a commercial before connecting the caller with a sales associate or providing your operating hours before sending the caller to an IVR or menu.

To create a new announcement, click and drag the Red Create Announcement Button button to the desired location on the call flow tree.

Call Flow Diagram - Create AnnouncementCall Flow Diagram - Create New Announcement

After selecting the desired location, a menu will open that will allow the administrator to choose the audio recording that will be played, as well as the ability to name the announcement. The recordings listed here in the drop-down must be first built in to the System Admin > System Announcements menu. Please note that you may also record a new greeting from this menu as well. 

Add New Audio Announcement

Select the appropriate audio recording by pressing the Green Select this Recording Button button. When finished, press the Blue Create New PBX Announcement Button button to save the recording and generate a new call flow announcement. After selecting Create New Announcement the recording will be added to the call flow.

Create New AnnouncementCreate New Announcement

To set a destination to send the caller to after the announcement has played, click and drag any call flow object from the sidebar onto the blue Blue Volume Button announcement box. In the figure below, dragging the Support Department ring group over the announcement as shown will generate the call flow to the right. The call flow will be configured to play the Support Hours announcement and then call the Support Department ring group when the announcement has finished.

Announcement to Call Group Flow ExampleAnnouncement to Call Group Flow Example