Voicemail Widget

The Voicemail Widget allows you to view and manage voicemail for your account.


You can filter the voicemail list by voicemail box or folder by selecting a voicemail box or folder from the list on the left. If you have multiple extensions, you can use this filter to cycle between boxes. Selecting All Voicemails allows you to see all voicemail in all voicemail boxes and folders.

Image displaying the voicemail list.Figure 01:
Voicemail List

Voicemail Actions

The Name and Time fields display the caller ID information of the person who left the voicemail and the time that the voicemail was left. The currently selected voicemail appears in light blue.

Screenshot of voicemail with numbers matching descriptions below.Figure 02: Voicemail Screen

The following options are available once a voicemail has been selected:

  1. Play: If this button is selected, the voicemail will play in your browser over your PC's speakers.
  2. Volume Control: This button mutes/unmutes the voicemail and controls volume.
  3. Play via Phone: If you select thePlay via Phone buttonbutton on a voicemail, your main extension will be called and the voicemail will be played back to you over the phone.
  4. Delete: Press theDelete Buttonto permanently delete a voicemail. 
  5. Callback: TheCallback Buttonbutton allows you to originate a call to the caller ID number of the call that left the voicemail. The call will originate from your main extension.
  6. Forward: TheForwardbutton allows you to forward the voicemail to other users.
  7. File: TheFilebutton allows you to categorize the voicemail into a specific folder.

You can toggle your messages between "read" and "unread" by pressing the small bubble icon (Bubble Icon indicating read/unread status.) next to the name of the voicemail. If the icon is just an outline, as illustrated in Figure 03 below, the message has been read.

Screenshot illustrating read/unread voicemail messages.Figure 03: Read/Unread Voicemail Indicator