Interaction Routing

Information contained here includes: Blacklist, Parking Lots, Ring Groups, Speed Dial and Interaction Routing/Call Flow.


Includes information on topics such as announcements, call routing, call flow, conference rooms, creating/deleting call flows, call flow tools, time filter, call flow objects and IVRs.



Call Quality Best Practices
Best practices for avoiding call quality issues.
The Synkato Blacklist allows administrators to completely block inbound and outbound calls for a specific telephone number and caller ID. Administrators can use this feature to block numbers that are dialing them with spam messages or block telemarketers.
Holiday Lists
When creating time filter groups, custom parameters may be set for holiday filters that only occur on certain days of the year.
Parking Lots
A Parking Lot is used as an alternative to placing a call on hold or transferring it to another user directly. When a call is parked, it is placed into a common area called a Parking Lot where it can be retrieved by any station. The Parking Lot menu allows the System Administrator to setup and manage the parking lots available.
Call Ring Groups
A call ring group is a virtual extension that rings to multiple end-points. Access this screen to create and manage Call Ring Groups.
Automated Ring Group Callback
The Ring Group Callback feature allows callers to receive an automated call back when an agent becomes available instead of having to wait for their call to be answered.  With a few quick steps, Ring Group Callback can be implemented with ease...
Speed Dials
Speed dials are used by the system to quickly dial either internal call flows or external telephone numbers. The Speed Dial menu allows the Synkato System Administrator to create and manage the speed dials available within Synkato.
Understanding Ring Group Weights & Penalties
Use Ring Group Weights and Penalties to assign a priority order of agents.