3.1 Required updates for premise-based instances

Voicemail Transcription and SMS are reliant on external network connectivity to the Kerauno cloud in order to function properly. If external network connectivity is not established, Kerauno will still function as it had previously, however users may experience limited availability of SMS and Voicemail Transcription features.

External connectivity is required so that the Premise-based Kerauno instances can pass local data to services running in the Kerauno cloud. The functions of these services vary widely. However, one example of an action that might be performed is passing voicemail audio streams to the Kerauno transcription service to be translated into text.

In order to take advantage of these features, an additional Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) and port must be whitelisted in any on-premise firewalls, webfilters, or other network routing devices that affects network traffic. Please note that no additional whitelist entries are required to be added into the Kerauno Firewall. All appropriate Kerauno Firewall whitelist entries are automatically added upon the upgrade to 3.1. 

Note: The Kerauno system must have a valid SSL cert in order to utilize any of the below features that rely on Kerauno cloud services.

To allow the Premise-based Kerauno application to access supporting cloud services, the following FQDNs and associated ports must be whitelisted and have appropriate connectivity in the premise environment where Kerauno resides:

FeatureDescriptionDomainTCP/IP Port
Voicemail TranscriptionManages transcription of audio filesapi.kerauno.io443 - HTTPS
SMSHandles dispatch of inbound and outbound SMS messagingapi.kerauno.io443 - HTTPS