Synkato Desktop Application

The Synkato Desktop Application offers power users and administrators concerned with system configuration an alternative to operating in a browser-based experienced.

Power users who work in Synkato all day don't have to worry about getting lost in browser tabs or switching contexts as they work if they use the desktop application. 

The application also enhances performance by being isolated from additional web pages and tabs that can consume excessive memory or processing resources (~50% less). 

For administrators supporting many power users of Synkato, the application offers control over workstation configuration. This saves administrators time and resources troubleshooting cross platform and browser issues with a SaaS application. 

Users will notice that the experience is similar to a web browser minus unnecessary address bars and controls like browser plugins that can take users away from the core functions needed to work. 

Installing the Application

You can download the desktop application from the dashboard page in the user profile: 

Microsoft Windows (

Mac OSX (

For those who have already installed a prior version and would like instruction on updating the application, click here.


Setting the Account Domain

This is the URL that you would enter in the address bar of a web browser. 

If you are ever signed out, you can re-enter or change the domain by clicking on the Synkato menu and "Change Synkato Domain" option to bring you back to this page.

Refreshing the Application Screen

If the application is ever stuck or needs refreshing, you can use your keyboard and CMD+R or click Refresh located under the View menu.