Release Notes 3.1.11

What's New? 

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3.1.11 Release

NOTE:Customers can upgrade from 3.1.01 to this maintenance release. Customers still on 2.2.02 or previous versions must first upgrade to 3.1.01 before installing 3.1.11. Please contact with any questions.

Release Date: 01-21-2020 5pm EST

Maintenance Release 3.1.11 includes general improvements and bug fixes. 

WARNING: Performing this upgrade results in a brief interruption of service. Therefore, we recommend upgrading after business hours when call volume is the lowest. Please confirm that all calls have been completed prior to initiating the upgrade.

General Updates

General Improvements to services to ensure real time processes (such as call processing) take priority over secondary processes (such as generating reports).

Conference Rooms

  • The maximum number of callers in a Conference Room has been doubled to allow up to 60 participants.


  • 911 email alerts are now required as part of Kari's Law in the United States. When a user with Installer level permissions logs in and the configuration is not present, a modal displays requiring 911 email alert configuration. In addition, the 911 email alert configuration field cannot be empty on the Email & System Alerting page.

System Health

  • Removed the option to restart core services on demand from the system health page. If you experience a service issue, please contact Customer Care for assistance.

Bug Fixes


  • Updated Welcome Email logo.


  • Fixed an issue where forwarded voicemails were not showing properly in the UI.


  • When a user is deleted all of their open Chat+ windows close so they cannot log in or retrieve Chat+ history.  


  • The Multiple Workflow Forms report now aggregates tag columns.
  • Fixed an issue where scheduled Call Recording reports were not properly delivered.

Bolt (Desktop & App)

  • Update 6.0.2 is now available in the Google Play Store. Update 6.0.2 for iOS will be available after 1/28/2020 in the App Store. This update addresses an issue regarding maintaining a long-term connection; it also addresses an issue with auto login and passwords affecting incoming calls. 
  • Note: Update 3.1.11 is required for the latest Bolt application to function at full capacity. 


  • Addressed missing contact card popover data. Contact information now properly displays. 


  • Fixed an issue where faxes sent to a generic fax destination failed.

Please contact with any questions.