In-Call Analytics

Render desired report within the Reporting menu and click the analytics link for the specific call to review in call analytics. Kerauno users can access In-Call Analytics from the My Calls tab from the dashboard. 

In-Call Analytics is useful for viewing and analyzing in depth individual call data. In-Call Analytics provides the life cycle of a call through Kerauno. For example, ring time, length of call, transfer, conference, hold, or other activities that took place during the call. 

Note: Duplicate entries may appear on this report as a result of calls entering your system and then routed through a Ring Group or IVR. 

To access in call analytics, simply click on the call Date/Time hyperlink within any of the available reports as shown here: 


In-Call Analytics Data 

Main Menu:

A table displays detailed call information, available recording, and a breakdown of call activities (ring, hold, transfer, etc.). 

The color-coded chart illustrates call activity from start to finish: 

RingingCall initiated and awaiting answer.
ActiveActive two-way audio between caller and agent.
HoldCaller placed on Local Hold and hears hold music.
Ring GroupCall entered a Ring Group and hears hold music and Ring Group messages, when configured.
ConferenceLocal conference call or Ad-Hoc or Leader-Based Kerauno Conference Room initiated.
TransferCall transferred to another extension either blind or assisted.
ParkCall placed in a parking lot.
VoicemailCall placed into an extension’s voicemail box.
EndCall terminated by either agent or caller.

Hover over any color-coded segment to view an approximate duration of the activity.