System Administration

This category contains Kerauno system administration information.

Dial Plans

This category provides links to articles relating to Dial Plans.

Music on Hold

This is the menu for Music on Hold content.

Number Manager

Contains number management information such as and overview and adding/modifying/deleting numbers.


Bulk Import
The Bulk Upload process saves time and ensures mjultiple changes are made at the same time without conflict.
Feature Codes
The Feature Codes menu shows all feature codes, speed dials, and ring groups that are currently built into Kerauno.
System Connector
The Kerauno System Connector creates links between multiple Kerauno systems or other PBX solutions.
System Recordings (Announcements)
An announcement is simply an informational message that plays to a caller.
The Trunks menu displays all information about the trunks configured for use with Kerauno. This list displays trunks currently being used as well as information about each specific trunk.
Voicemail Blasting
The Voicemail Blasting feature allows administrators to broadcast voicemail messages to large groups of users all at one time. Coupled with the Voicemail to Email feature, voicemail broadcasting can be a quick, easy, and powerful way to get a voice message communicated to many different users.
Minimum requirements for Kerauno Desktop App
The following are the minimum requirements for running the Kerauno Desktop app, including the use of Presence. Supported Desktop Operating Systems: Windows 7/10 MAC OS version 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 Supported Browsers: Chrome (version 64...