Chat+ Overview

Synkato How-To Video

This training video demonstrates how users may interact with Synkato's built-in Chat+ feature.

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Video Instructions

Chat+ is a feature in Synkato that allows users to communicate and collaborate with each other through enhanced instant messaging. Click on the Chat+ tab at the top of the application to open the Chat+ window.

Public channels can be created, which are open spaces for any users to join and communicate in. 

Private channels can be auto-generated by Synkato when a department is created. They can also be created by clicking the plus button next to the private channels title. Private channels provide spaces for teams or groups of selected individuals to communicate, such as the sales team or services team in your organization.

Direct messages are also available, where one user can send a message directly to another user or group of users. Simply click on the plus button next to the direct messages title or the more button and select the users who you’d like to chat with, then click Go.

Please note that direct file sharing is available by either clicking on the paper clip button next to the message dialogue box and selecting the file in the file browser window, or by simply dragging and dropping the file into the Chat+ window.

All Chat+ records are searchable. To search your messages, type the keyword or phrase in the search field towards the top right of the screen. All messages with that keyword or phrase will then appear in a search results box to the right. Click the jump button next to the any of the search results to display that chat record.