Registering with 3rd Party Softphone


A variety of 3rd party Softphone apps can integrate with Synkato. Follow the steps provided below or watch a quick video tutorial of the process. 


Users should work with their Synkato admin to provision Softphone. 

It is important to note that desk phones already configured for the desired extension cannot also register a Softphone. This 1:1 configuration requires the creation of a second extension to associate the extension with Softphone. 

Configure 3rd Party Softphone

Open 3rd party Softphone application.

Populate SIP options from the Register or Account settings screen. Screen layout and field names will vary among Softphone providers. 

NOTE: A Synkato admin can identify the SIP Account Password can be found within Synkato's User Management panel on the Extensions tab by hovering over the blue (information) icon next to the extension number:

Save settings and place an outbound test call. Upon success, your 3rd party Softphone is ready to use with Synkato.