How-To Videos

This section includes videos demonstrating specific tasks within Kerauno such as Sending a Fax, Managing a Voicemail Inbox, Listening to Voicemail and many others.

System Administrators can also access videos about administrative tasks within Kerauno such as: Adding a New Device, Adding a Ring Group, Adding an External Speed Dial, Applying a Kerauno Update and more.

Chat Features

These videos explain and demonstrate Kerauno's Live Chat and Chat+ (Chat Plus) features.


Videos illustrating fax-related tasks such as how to send a fax.


These videos illustrate various tasks associated with voicemail such as Changing PIN, Changing Greetings, time Conditioned Based Greetings, Listening to Voicemail, Managing the Inbox, and Changing Voicemail to Email Settings.

Kerauno Administration Videos

Videos illustrating common Kerauno administration tasks.


 Change a Mobile Number
How to change a mobile number
 Edit Presence Transfer Settings
How do I edit presence transfer settings
 Create a Conference Call in Presence
How do I create a conference call in Presence
 Download Phonebook PDF
How do I download a phonebook PDF
 Enable Do Not Disturb
How do I enable Do Not Disturb
 Reboot a Device
How do I reboot a device
 Transfer Calls in Presence
How do I transfer a call in Presence
 View Calls & Call Recordings
How do I view calls and call recordings
 Phonebook Overview
What does the phonebook do