User Panel (Dashboard)


User Getting Started Kit
Using the credentials provided by your employer, log into Kerauno UCaaS. Complete the following steps to start using Kerauno UCaaS right away. Step 1: Explore Dashboard View & User Panel Familiarize yourself with the Dashboard where the majo...
User Panel
The User Panel is the landing screen after logging into Kerauno and contains an overview of user settings, at a glance call statistics, as well as shortcuts to additional Kerauno features.
The voicemail dashboard allows users to customize and manage voicemail without dialing into a physical phone.
Voicemail Quick Reference Guide
Voicemail Access Personal Voicemail (VM) access from primary device: *86 or by selecting the voicemail key on your phone. System VM access: *87 allows you to access any voicemail box on the Kerauno system after entering the desired extension n...
The Calls dashboard allows a user to view call histories, download recordings, and view in-depth call details.
(Beta) Video Meetings
(Beta) Kerauno Video Meetings Introduction Kerauno's video conferencing powered by BlueJeans features collaboration tools delivered through an intuitive experience with a focus on quality. This functionality is currently in Closed Beta. This...
Find Me
Find Me call routing allows a user to forward calls to another extension or mobile phone.
The Phonebook allows users to view all active Kerauno extensions.
The fax panel allows a user to send and receive faxes from within Kerauno.
The Devices dashboard displays all devices, telephone hardware, and extensions assigned to the user connected to Kerauno.
View and download scheduled reports.