Parking Lot Widget

The Parking Lot Widget allows you to view and manage calls that are currently on hold within a parking lot on the Synkato phone system. Calls placed on park by any extension can be viewed by any user within Synkato Presence.

The Parking Lot name is displayed at the top of the screen as the widget header. Within the table, a list of all current calls on park will be shown. This table includes the lot number that a specific caller is in; dialing this number will pick the call up off of park. Also listed in this table is the Caller ID of the caller, the name of the extension that placed the call on park, and the hold duration within the parking lot.

Screenshot of the Parking Lot Widget.Figure 01: Parking Lot Widget


You can double click on any parked call to transfer that call to your primary extension.

Users can drag calls to the Parking Lot Widget to place them in the Parking Lot. Users can also drag calls away from the Parking Lot to transfer them to other users in the system.

Screenshot of the Parking Lot Widget illustrating drag and drop mehtodology.Figure 02: Parking Lot Drag and Drop