This screen is used to administer and manage user access within Kerauno.

Main Menu

Permission Groups appear on the main screen and can be sorted by name. Click the respective Permission Group hyperlink to view more details. The right side of the screen contain links to + Add Permission Group and frequently accessed Permission Groups.

Kerauno recommends using the four default Permission Groups explained below to maintain controlled and consistent access across an organization. 

  • User
  • Department Management
  • System Admin
  • Installer

Only add additional Permission Groups to handle exceptions. 

Note: Users cannot belong to more that one Permission Group. A custom group may be needed to accommodate specific permissions such as Call Recordings.

Default Permissions Groups


The User group is the most basic level of access with the least amount of permissions possible. Users can view and interact within the following features:

  • User Panel 
    • Profile
    • Voicemail
    • Calls
    • Find Me
    • Phonebook
    • Fax
    • Devices
    • Reports
  • Kerauno Presence

When new users are created in Kerauno, they are assigned this permission by default.

Note: Access to Chat+ is handled at the individual User access level via Users & Devices > Users.

Department Manager

The Department Manager group includes all permissions defined in the User group, along with Conference Rooms and Reporting menus.

This additional access allows Department Managers the ability to monitor call records and quickly create Conference Rooms to handle important issues. Managers can also access Ring Group calls as needed without the requirement of being part of the Ring Group. New users added as a Department Manager from User & Devices > Departments are assigned this permission by default.

System Admin

The System Admin group includes all permissions defined in the User and Department Manager groups above, along with Users & Devices, System Admin, and Interaction Routing menus.

These additional permissions allow a System Admin the ability to manage Call Flows, User Configuration, and Devices with Kerauno.


The Installer permissions group has the highest level of access in Kerauno. An installer includes all permissions of a System Admin, along with access to the Systems & Settings menu where Network, Trunking, and Alerts are established within Kerauno. Many of the settings handled by this level of access are addressed during the initial installation.

Adding User to a Permission Group

Select the appropriate Permission Group from the right side of the screen. Click Users and select employees to add to the group from the drop-down menu. Click Update Permission when finished.

Creating Custom Permissions Groups

Click + Add Permission Group to create a new Permission Group with custom Permissions outside of the four default groups. 

  • Create a Permission name on the Description / Users tab.
  • Select custom permissions on the Permissions tab.
  • Enable Recording Permissions on the Recording Permissions tab. 

Reminder: Kerauno recommends using these four Permission Groups to maintain consistent access across an organization. Only add additional Permission Groups to handle exceptions.

Description / Users Tab

From this tab, name the new Permission Group and select users to add to the group from the Users drop-down menu. Click Create Permission when finished.

Application Permissions Tab

Use this tab to manage Permissions for the active Permission Group. Mark the checkbox next to each item to grant access for the section within the Permission Group.

Permissions are organized by Kerauno section and functions such as Workflow Tools, User Panel, Interacting Routing, and Reporting. 

Workflow Tools

Active DirectoryCreate and manage Active Directory credentials and establish sync settings for Users, and Departments. Note: Appropriate licenses required. 
APIGenerate API Key, add Post API URL, View API & Config Documentation. Note: Appropriate licenses required.
Condition ConfigurationsCreate and manage conditional configurations for use in a Call Flow.
(Call Flow Management) Workflow ConditionsInsert Workflow Conditions in a Call Flow.
Workflow Contact GroupsCreate and manage Contact Groups for use in a Call Flow.
Workflow ContactsCreate and manage individual Contacts for use in a Call Flow.
CU ConnectManage integrations with Episys, Corelation, and FiServ. Note: Appropriate licenses required.
Workflow FormsCreate and manage Workflow Forms for use in Flows.
Dual Server ConfigConfigure and manage a secondary server for backup safeguards. Note: Appropriate licenses required.
(Call Flow Management) Workflow GotosCreate and insert Workflow GoTo’s in a Call Flow.
(Call Flow Management) Workflow InputsCreate and insert Workflow Inputs in a Call Flow.
Salesforce IntegrationConfigure and manage Salesforce API, Sandbox Mode, Users, and Settings.
(Call Flow Management) Workflow TaggingCreate and insert Workflow Tagging in a Call Flow.
VPN ConfigurationConfigure and manage VPN settings. Note: Appropriate licenses required.
Webhook ConfigurationsCreate and manage Webhook Configurations to use in Flows.
(Call Flow Management) Workflow WebhooksCreate and manage Workflow Webhooks in a Call Flow.
Workflow Tag ManagementCreate and manage Workflow Tags in a Call Flow.
Zoom IntegrationManage Zoom API credentials and Webhook. Note: Appropriate licenses required.

System Admin

Active SMS InteractionsView active SMS interactions and end interactions as needed.
Dial PlansCreate and manage Custom Dial plans.
Feature CodesReview a list of System Reserved Feature Codes and descriptions along with Application Speed Dials and descriptions.
Bulk ImportBulk Import files and download previously uploaded data.
Music on HoldCreate and manage Playlists for use within Kerauno.
Number ManagerCreate and manage system numbers and force trunk as needed.
System ConnectorAdd a System Connector to connect a Kerauno instance to another system. 
Presence ManagementCreate and manage Custom Extension Groups within Presence.
System RecordingsCreate and manage announcements for use within Kerauno.
TrunksAdd a new SIP Trunk to connect two different unified communication platforms. 
Voicemail BlastingCreate a voicemail blast to be sent as a voicemail to all Kerauno users.
Core RebuildAbility to apply changes within Kerauno. 

Conference Rooms

Ad-Hoc ConferencesCreate and manage Ad-Hoc Conference Rooms that are available at all times.
Leader-Based ConferencesCreate and manage Leader-Based Conference Rooms that require both a participant and leader PIN to operate.

User Panel

User PanelDefinition
CallsReview call history metrics.
DevicesReview associated devices and extensions assigned to a Kerauno user.
Workflow FormsAbility to configure workflow forms.
FaxSend, receive, and review fax communications.
Find Me    Enable Find Me.
JIRA ManagerCreate and manage JIRA Account Manager accounts.
ReportsView system generated reports.
PhonebookView User, Extensions, and Department listings. Access Phonebook PDF and Bolt directory.
Kerauno PresenceToggles presence on/off for a user.
VoicemailAccess and manage voicemail messages, establish greetings, and configure settings.


Agent AnalyticsView agent activity across all Ring Groups.
CDR LogsRun reports on Call Detail Reports (CDR).
Workflow Form ReportRun reports on workflow forms.
Downline ReportView outbound call information for logged in agents within a Ring Group.
In-Call AnalyticsView call routing path through Kerauno.
Call RecordingsListen to and download recorded calls.
Ring Group AnalyticsView Ring Group and queue management metrics.
Scheduled ReportsDisplays all scheduled reports.
SMS ReportsView SMS details by DID data and interactions by SMS Flow.
Trunk AnalyticsView inbound and outbound call information by trunk.
WallboardGenerate and view wallboards.

Interaction Routing

Call Ring Group ModifiersView/create Ring group Modifiers in flow module.
Call AnnouncementsView and create call announcements in flow module.
Call BlacklistManage and add numbers to blacklist; meaning calls from these numbers will not be delivered.
FlowsCreate and manage call flows for use within Kerauno.
SMS/Call TogglesView Call/SMS flow toggles in SMS Flows.
Holiday ListsCreate and manage call routing settings for holidays and non-business hours for use within Kerauno.
SMS Inbound Msg.Create and manage inbound SMS messages for use within Kerauno.
Call IVRsView and create IVRs in flow module.
SMS Messaging GroupCreate and manage SMS Messaging Groups for use within Kerauno.
Call Inbound RoutesView inbound routes in flow module.
Call Parking LotsCreate and manage Parking Lots for use within Kerauno.
SMS Outbound Msg.Create and manage outbound SMS messages for use within Kerauno.
Call Ring GroupsCreate and manage Ring Groups for multiple endpoints for use within Kerauno.
Call Speed DialsCreate and manage Speed Dial destinations for use within Kerauno.
Call/SMS Time ConditionsView/create Time conditions in Call and SMS Flows. 

System Settings

Email & System AlertingManage alerts for email and Ring Groups.

Establish backup settings for local as well as remote destinations. Perform backup restores as needed and manage backup alerts. 

Network & FirewallCreate and manage Firewall Rules.
System HealthView system health performance metrics and restart services as needed.
LicensingView current license details and apply new licenses as needed.
System LogsSystem Log report available for CSV export, print, or PDF.
Migration KitCreate and manage Extension Aliases as needed. Toggle outbound routes over internal dialing.
Remote StorageCreate new remote destination and manage remote storage alerts.
System SettingsAccess System Settings.
UpdatesView available system updates and edit server backup setting prior to update.

Users & Devices

DepartmentsCreate and manage departments for use within Kerauno.
Devices    Create and manage devices on the Kerauno system. Find new devices and reboot as needed.
User ForwardingAdd user forwarding settings for use within Kerauno.
Generic ExtensionsCreate and manage generic extensions within Kerauno.
Generic FaxesCreate and manage generic faxes within Kerauno.
Generic VoicemailsCreate and manage generic voicemails within Kerauno.
Paging ZonesCreate and manage paging zones for use on the Kerauno system.
PermissionsAdd users to default Permission groups. Add new permission groups only as needed.
UsersCreate and manage users within Kerauno.

Recording Permissions Tab

The Call Recordings checkbox must first be checked under the Reporting section on the Application Permissions tab before the following permission option displays on the Recording Permissions tab.

All Recording PermissionsRecord all calls for the active Permission Group.

Edit or Delete a Permission Group

Click on the Permission Group Name to edit, make the needed edits, and click Update Permission when finished.

To delete a created Permission Group, access the group and click Delete Permission.

Note: Default Permission Groups cannot be deleted.