Kerauno licenses control the number and type of users who can access the application.

The Licensing menu allows administrators to view the current license applied for the phone system.

Screen shot of the Licensing menu indicating current license, quantity licensed, number currently built, and the Add-On Status (if enabled).Figure 01: Licensing Menu

At the top of the Licensing screen, the expiration date of the license is shown. Alerts will be sent to the system and administrator 90, 60, 30, and 7 days away from license expiration.

The number of objects built and licensed on the phone system is displayed in the Limits table. The Limit Count column displays the maximum amount of a particular object that can be built within the Kerauno system. Depending on the type of licensing that has been enabled, these amounts may vary.

The Current Count displays the number of a particular item that is currently built into the Kerauno platform. As long as the Current Count is less than the value listed in the Limit Count, administrators will be able to add new objects of these particular types to Kerauno.

If the Current Count is equal to the Limit Count, the phone system has reached the maximum amount for the specific object for its particular license. If an administrator attempts to add more of that specific object, a message will display notifying the administrator that the new object is unlicensed and to contact either their account executive or support team so that an additional license may be purchased.

Underneath the Addon Modules section, a list of workflow modules will be shown. If a particular module is enabled in the license (such as Salesforce Integration or Active Directory Integration) these items will appear with a green checkmark symbol, signifying that they are fully licensed.