Contains information about: backups, remote destinations, and restore.


Backup/Restore General
The Backup and Restore menus contain all relevant options for data backups of call detail records, voicemail messages, and configuration settings. In Kerauno, backups are a full image of the existing data on the server hard drive, meaning all settings, call detail records, configuration settings, extension data, and voicemails are saved to the generated system backups.
Remote Destinations
A remote destination allows the System Administrator to push backups from the Kerauno server to another location, such as a dedicated backup server, remote hard drive, or cloud storage service. Remote Destinations allow the System Administrator to retain more than the seven daily backups stored locally.
The Restore menu allows administrators to restore Kerauno to a previous state from a backup file. Administrators may restore using a backup file that is on the local hard drive of the Kerauno server, or they may upload a new tar.gz file pulled from a remote destination.
From the main menu, navigate to System Settings > Backup/Restore > Alerts  tab. Use this tab to receive notifications for successful and/or failed backups. Mark the Enable checkbox for each selection and enter the email address to rec...