Enabling Voicemail Transcription

There are two options for enabling Voicemail Transcription:

Voicemail Transcription is available for users on 3.1 and higher, excluding premise enterprise customers.

  1. Update the Default User Configuration

Edit the transcription setting to YES through the Default User Configuration to ensure that all users added to a newly created SMS Flow have transcription enabled.

2. Update the Individual User Record

To enable transcription for specific users, an Administrator enables transcription from the Individual User record within Users & Devices > Users.

Before enabling Voicemail Transcription, it is important to recognize that this features is not HIPAA compliant. For that reason, transcription is off for all users by default. Partners should carefully consider if transcriptions could contain sensitive content before enabling SMS for an organization.

Note: Review Premise-based Kerauno instance requirements to accommodate Voicemail Transcription here.


If a voicemail fails to transcribe, first check that voicemail transcription is enabled in the user record. If the transcription is not delivered after 10 minutes, contact your partner for support. 

Note: Messages with no audio content or less than five seconds are not transcribed.