Release Notes 2021.04.1

2021.04.1 Release

Release Dates: 

  • Partner/New Customer Release Availability: Starting April 16th
  • General Release Availability: Starting April 19th

New Major Features 

Lynk - Softphone Reimagined

Brand new softphone mobile apps are here! Lynk softphone can be used via the Synkato Desktop Application (previously Integrated Softphone) or by downloading the Lynk app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Simply log in with your Synkato credentials and you will be registered and able to make and receive calls, similar to the Bolt and Integrated WebRTC features. See below for additional details. All users must download the latest Desktop App to take advantage of all the features offered.

SynkUp - Synkato Video Meetings

Video meetings are now available within Synkato! SynkUp is an additional main tab where users are able to schedule and invite others to video meetings or launch an impromptu video call. Attendees can share video, audio, and screens with others seamlessly with the option to record. See below for details on how to enable this feature. All users must download the latest Desktop App to take advantage of all the features offered.

If you have any questions regarding the softphone or video meeting features, please contact

General Improvements



  • Users with access to the Users module can enable the Lynk feature at an individual level. Users who previously had Integrated WebRTC enabled do not need to have any modifications, and the mobile app is now available for them. Bolt Softphone is still available for use, but any single user cannot have both softphone features enabled.


  • Please contact your Synkato representative or the Synkato Services Team to enable this feature for your system. Chat+ is required for all users when SynkUp is enabled. Your system must have a `` domain in order to take advantage of this feature.



  • For systems with API enabled, documentation has been updated within the system to reflect the changes made.

Desktop App / Lynk

  • A new version of the Desktop App is available! Please download the latest version from the User Panel Downloads dropdown.
  • Added the ability to position the Lynk desktop in either the lower left or lower right corner.


  • On Desktop Application, added the ability to preview sent and received faxes within the application.
  • Updated how Faxes show in CDRs for clarity.


  • Updated Ring Group Analytics, Ring Group Call Details Report to show username in the Agent Answered / Disposition column instead of the extension of the user when the report is exported to CSV and PDF formats.
  • When looking at a Call Detail Record (CDR), to view In-Call Analytics, users will now need to press the `View In-Call Analytics` button.


  • General security improvements.


  • Updated email requirements to allow for longer domains.


  • Updated the UI and verbiage regarding Voicemail Time Condition Settings for clarity.

Bug Fixes

Chat+ / SMS

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to rename an SMS channel from the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where SMS Time Conditions were not properly routed.


  • Fixed an issue where Desktop for Windows would not function properly if an incorrect login was submitted.


  • Updated the firmware for Yealink T42 handsets.
  • Fixed an issue where sorting by the IP column within the Devices module was not sorting properly.


  • Fixed an issue where hostnames were not able to be saved as a new Firewall rule. This issue did not affect previously saved hostname-based Firewall rules.


  • Fixed an issue where a user would need to manually close the change email modal if they encountered an error.
  • Fixed an issue where password reset links were not functioning properly.

Lynk / Integrated Softphone

  • Within the Desktop App, fixed an issue where user audio would not be heard if the user is on a Mac with the Big Sur OS installed (version 11.0+). A new desktop app is available for download via the main User Panel within Synkato to resolve this issue.

Phonebook / Device Directories

  • Fixed an issue where some Generic Extensions were improperly being added to the Extensions Listing tab of the Phonebook module. 
  • Fixed an issue where some Generic Extensions and some User Extensions were  being improperly added to the Device directories on registration.
  • Fixed an issue where the table in the Extension Listings tab of the Phonebook module would not sort properly.


  • Fixed an issue where the Total Talk Time column was not shown in the CSV export of the Downline Stats By User report.
  • Within Ring Group Analytics, fixed an issue where there could be discrepancies in abandoned calls between Reports.


  • Fixed a rare issue where a change to the Outbound Caller ID for a user would not prompt the user to apply phone system changes.
  • Fixed an issue where welcome emails would improperly be sent to a new user.
  • Fixed a rare issue where users could not be saved if they did not voicemail enabled but also did not have a voicemail PIN.

Please contact with any questions.