System Settings

Contains information about: backup/restore, email & systems alerting, licensing, migration kit, network & firewall, remote storage, updates, system health, and system services/system maintenance.

Advanced Settings

This category contains information about Administrator Advanced Settings.


Contains information about: backups, remote destinations, and restore.

Email & Alerting

The Email & Alerting menu controls all configuration settings for any email alerts that are sent out through Kerauno. This includes email settings for reporting, voicemail to email, and system hardware alerts, such as high CPU utilization or low hard disk space.

To access this menu, click Email & Alerting under the System & Settings menu.

Click one of the items below for more information about email settings and alerts.


Migration Kit
The Migration Kit allows organizations to map legacy system extensions to a new extension range in Kerauno.
Firewall Rules & Time Zone - GENERAL USERS
From the main menu, navigate to System Admin > Network & Firewall . General users can view and manage Time Settings and Firewall Rules. Installers can manage additional options including Interface Routing and HTTPS . Main Menu:   ...
Network & Firewall - INSTALLERS
The Network and Firewall section controls all aspects of networking on Kerauno.
Available Updates
Access and install the latest Kerauno version.
Network Address Translation (NAT) Settings
This Network Address Translation (NAT) information applies only to Premise.
Remote Storage
Remote Storage allows System Administrators to send call recording files to an external destination (outside of the Kerauno server) via FTP.
Secure File Transfer Protocol
Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) provides additional security when handling data transmission to offsite storage. This option is ideal for protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as it transmits to 3rd party storage services, ...
System Health
The System Health menus display all relevant information about the current status of the Kerauno server and also gives administrators access to maintenance and system log information.
System Logs
From the main menu, navigate to System Settings > System Logs . System Logs provide an audit trail of all activity within Kerauno. This tool is useful for monitoring user activity, tracking, or troubleshooting changes made to the system.  ...
System Services/System Maintenance
This article describes the various system services and maintenance functionality available to system administrators.