Voicemail Quick Reference Guide

Voicemail Access

Personal Voicemail (VM) access from primary device: *86 or by selecting the voicemail key on your phone.

System VM access: *87 allows you to access any voicemail box on the Synkato system after entering the desired extension number (e.g., After-Hours voicemails).

To reach VM externally: From any phone, dial your extension either directly or via the company directory (if configured) and press *. Enter your PIN to access your voicemail box.

Via DID: Dial DID number and press * once voicemail audio plays.

Access VM from the Synkato UI: 

  • Desktop: Select Voicemail from the User Panel to listen to and manage messages. 
  • Mobile: Open a web browser and navigate to your Synkato instance. Log in and access Voicemail from the User Panel.

Keypad Quick Reference


Mailbox Options: Press 0

Record voicemail features from the following options:

Key PressGreeting NameDescription
1UnavailablePlayed when a call to the extension is not picked up.
Record unavailable greeting at the tone and press #. Press 1 to confirm greeting.
2BusyPlayed when already on a call.
Record busy greeting at the tone and press #. Press 1 to confirm greeting.
3Record NameUsed in the company directory.
Record name at the tone and press #. Press 1 to confirm recorded name.
4Temporary GreetingThis greeting overrides both the unavailable and busy messages when enabled.
Record greeting at the tone and press # to complete. Press 1 to confirm temporary greeting. This greeting is most often used for extended period of leave (Vacation, Maternity Leave, etc.).
5Change PINEnter new password followed by #. Enter password again and press #. A confirmation message plays when password is successfully changed. You can also change your PIN from the Synkato Voicemail dashboard.
Return to main menu.

Listen to Messages: Press 1

Listen to and manage voicemail messages from the following options:

1 – Play new messages

In message options:

Key PressDescription
0Pause message; press any key to resume
2Skip back to beginning of message
3Advanced Options (not available for all users)
#Fast forward 3 seconds
*Rewind 3 seconds

End of message options:

Key PressDescription
6Next message or skip current message
8Forward to another extension
9Save (see options in table below)
#Exit Voicemail

Move messages to a Synkato folder from the following options:

Key Press

Advanced Options: Press 3

Additional message features:

Key PressDescription
1Record a reply voicemail to the caller (also on Synkato)
3Play message envelope (date and time stamp)
*Return to main menu