Presence Status

The top section of the User Menu lists all pre-defined status settings for the user and an option to set custom statuses. Selecting any of the statuses will set the user's current status to the selected status; selecting the Custom Status option displays a dialog box allowing the user to enter their own status.

Screenshot of the User Status from the User Menu.Figure 01: User Status

Setting Your Status

To set your Status you can select one of the Predefined Statuses from the User menu in the top-right corner of the Synkato Presence Interface. If you wish to set a custom Status with a different Name/Note select Set Custom from the User menu.


The Name property is what will be displayed to other users in the Users Widget when you are set to the specific Status. This is a required field.


The Note property allows you to add additional information about your current Status. Any user can see this information by hovering over it in the Users Widget.

Return Time

The Return Time property allows you to specify the date and time you will return. The Return Time can be seen by any user hovering over the Status icon on the User Boxes in the Users Widget.

Screenshot of the User menu's Predefined Statuses.Figure 02: Setting Your Status