Release Notes 2021.08.1

2021.08.1 Release

Release Dates: 

  • Partner/New Customer Release Availability: Starting August 27th
  • General Release Availability: Starting August 30th

New Major Features 

Delegate Call Management

Delegate, a brand new call management dashboard, is now available! View the current status of other users, see a visual representation of the Ring Groups on your system, and manage calls from within the UI. Delegate is a system-level feature. Please contact your Synkato representative or the Synkato Services Team to enable this feature for your system.

If you have any questions regarding delegate features, please contact

General Improvements



  • Added Parking Lot functionality.
  • Added the ability to have multiple dashboards.
  • Added Conference functionality.
  • Added ability to barge calls.
  • Added Contact widget.
  • Added ability to resize widgets.
  • Added Extension Groups to delegate.


  • Added the ability for an admin to set a separate SMS number for a user to text out from.



  • Updated the firmware for Yealink T21P E2 handsets.
  • Updated the firmware for Yealink T46G handsets.


  • Dates before the current date can no longer be selected when scheduling a future meeting

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where if a user had a large amount of faxes sent, "Sent Faxes" could take a long time to load.


  • Fixed an issue where "Search Contacts" on the Synkato UI header would not work for some users with a basic user permission.
  • Fixed an issue where an admin could not delete a SIP Trunk.
  • Fixed an issue when an admin would access a user's voicemail box via the UI, it would show the whole user's dashboard rather than just the voicemail module.

Lynk Desktop

  • Fixed an issue where Lynk Desktop would be "Disconnected" and unable to make/receive calls.


  • Within Ring Group Analytics, fixed a rare issue where abandons would show as a negative number in the Ring Group Summary report.

Please contact with any questions.