The Synkato Presence Client Interface allows users to create several dashboards containing Layouts tailored to their needs. Each dashboard can have its own custom Layout and contain Widgets of the user's choosing.

Screenshot of Presence with multiple dashboards indicated.Figure 01: Synkato Presence - Multiple Dashboards

Each dashboard can be configured separately from other dashboards and allow users to have different system views available to them at any given time.

Screenshot indicating how one user can have multiple dashboards and edit them.Figure 02: Dashboard Configurations

Adding New Dashboards

Users can create new Dashboards by pressing the Plus icon at the top-right corner of the dashboard area in the client as shown in Figure 02 above.

Removing Dashboards

Existing dashboards can be removed by pressing the Lock icon at the top-right corner of the dashboard area in Presence. This will "unlock" the dashboards and allow you to remove any dashboard of your choosing by selecting the red X button on the dashboard tab you want to remove. You can re-lock the dashboards by pressing the Lock icon again.

Screenshot illustrating how to remove (delete) a dashboard.Figure 03: Deleting a Dashboard

Renaming Dashboards

The currently selected dashboard can be renamed by pressing the pencil icon () in the top-right corner of any dashboard screen. Renaming dashboards will allow you to indicate with an easily identifiable name which dashboard contains a specific set of widgets (e.g., Call Queue Dashboard, Statistics Dashboard, or Personal Dashboard).