Secure SIP- SRTP Configuration

Secure SIP and SRTP

In version 2020.04.1, both Secure SIP (via TLS) and SRTP have been introduced for both Yealink and Polycom brand handsets. Both technologies add an additional layer of security and encryption to voice traffic traversing a customer network.

Configuring Device Security Features

The option to enable these additional security features can be found within the Users & Devices > Devices menu.

After navigating to a particular device, a simple toggle to enable or disable Secure SIP and SRTP is available underneath the Device Settings tab.


After enabling this option, a reboot of the handset will be required for the handset to download a new configuration file.e To do this remotely, simply hit "Update Device" and select "Confirm" to reboot the device from the device settings page. If remote reboots are not available for the device, a user may restart their handset simply by disconnecting/reconnecting it from its power source.

Please note that Secure SIP/SRTP functionality is only currently available for those clients deployed in a Kerauno UCaaS hosted model using a Kerauno domain name (,, etc.).