3.1.08 Business License Type

As part of the 3.1.08 Kerauno update, a Business license type has been added. This license is ideal for partners that require physical or softphone services only, not the Kerauno UI. Business Users cannot log into Kerauno, but have full access to make and receive calls. Existing Kerauno users are now displayed as Full License users.

Note: Chat+, SMS, Fax, and Presence capabilities are not available for this license type.

How is Access Administered?

Business License users can be configured by a Kerauno Admin or Installer level user. Administrators provision DID/CallerID, Ring Groups, Voicemail, Voicemail Transcription, and FindMe as needed.

For partners maintaining Business licenses only, an Administrator role is available for an individual to provision access for all users. This role has the same configuration permissions as a Kerauno Installer, but does not require a Kerauno license. 

Edit or Add Users

When adding a new or editing an existing user, select the appropriate license type from the drop-down menu: 

Note: When Bolt Softphone is added to an existing user, a password reset is required before the user can log into Bolt. 


When Business License is selected, the Permission drop-down menu is set to User and cannot be modified.

Bulk Import Users

During a Bulk Import, Business or Full are available as license types.

System Settings > Licensing Page

As a result of the new license type, the Licensing menu contains additional data including:

  • License total (Full + Business)
  • Number of Full licenses
  • Number of Business licenses