Generic Faxes

A Generic Fax is an extension on the phone system that is not tied to one particular user. Some examples of where a generic fax would be used include a departmental fax, a company-wide fax sent to an administrative assistant, or any other fax number not tied to one specific person. Inbound faxes to a generic fax are sent to a specified email as well as appearing in the User Panel > Fax menu. Outbound faxes can be sent from a generic fax under the User Panel > Fax menu as well.

To create a new generic fax extension, click the +Add Generic Fax button from the Users & Devices > Generic Faxes menu.

Screenshot of the Generic Faxes Management > Fax Information tab.Figure 01: Generic Faxes Management - Fax Information Tab

The Generic Faxes Management menu is displayed allowing the new generic fax to be configured. The fields on this screen are:

  • Internal Fax Extension: Select any available extension number to assign to the fax. This is used for administrative purposes and dialing the extension will have no effect.
  • Fax Inbox Name: Choose a display name that will appear within the Kerauno User Panel.
  • Fax DID: Select which Direct Inward Dial (DID) number to designate as the fax line associated with this fax inbox. Any available number under the System Admin > Number Manager menu can be used.
  • Fax to Email: Enter an email address to send faxes to. Faxes will be attached to sent emails as a PDF.
  • Assigned Users: The Assigned Users tab allows administrators to assign which users will have access to generic fax destination. To assign users to a generic fax, click the Users button under the Assigned Users tab, mark the checkbox next to the desired user(s), and click the OK button. Any user that is assigned to a generic fax can view and download inbound faxes to the generic Fax DID via the User Panel > Fax menu. Also, users may choose to send outbound faxes from the generic fax DID under the User Panel > Fax > Fax Settings menu.