Reporting Overview
The reporting menu allows administrators and call center managers to view and analyze call traffic coming into the Kerauno phone system. This menu gives call center managers the ability to see inbound and outbound traffic, total call times, hold times, and much more.
CDR Logs
Run a Call Detail Report (CDR).
Call Recordings
The Call Recordings menu allows administrators or call center managers to listen to and download recorded calls.
In-Call Analytics
In-Call Analytics for any call can be accessed by clicking a Call Date/Time from any Report or from the My Calls menu on the user panel.
Ring Group Analytics
Ring Group Analytics allow call center managers to view all information about the Ring Groups and queues they are managing.
Agent Analytics
Call center managers can view in bound metrics regarding agents across all assigned Ring Groups.
Trunk Analytics
The Trunk Analytics Reports give administrators the ability to view all inbound and outbound call information that comes over a specific trunk.
Downline Report
The Downline Report provides metrics around outbound calls.
Scheduled Reports
View and manage Scheduled Reports.
SMS Reports
Navigate to Reporting > SMS .  SMS reports allow insights into SMS interactions through two separate reports:  Report 1: User SMS Includes all interactions from a user to or from a DID Number.  Report 2: SMS Flows  Interactions from an SMS F...
Wallboards allow call center managers to display real-time call center statistics based on selected criteria. Wallboards are commonly used as a dashboard to inform managers and agents of real-time call data.
Workflow Form Report
Navigate to Reporting >Workflow Form Report . Call center managers can view Workflow Form data collected by agents during inbound calls.  Prerequisites The following prerequisites must be met in order to utilize the Workflow Form Report: This r...