Release Notes 2021.06.1

2021.06.1 Release

Release Dates: 

  • Partner/New Customer Release Availability: Starting June 18th
  • General Release Availability: Starting June 24th

New Major Features 

Delegate - Presence Reimagined

Delegate, a brand new call management dashboard, is now available! View the current status of other users, see a visual representation of the Ring Groups on your system, and manage calls from within the UI. Delegate is a system-level feature. Please contact your Synkato representative or the Synkato Services Team to enable this feature for your system.

If you have any questions regarding delegate features, please contact

General Improvements


Synkato UI

  • General UI updates - This includes updated branding, icons, and left navigation appearance. 
  • Navigation Changes  - Take note that some navigation menu orders have been changed and all dashboards except the User Panel have been removed. When a user clicks on a tab group, the page will redirect to the top module of the tab menu. To view the tab menu, simply hover over the tab group.
  • Navigation Appearance - Users will have the ability to set their default navigation view preference to Collapsed or Expanded from their home User Panel module. The default is set to collapsed.


  • Recurring meetings can now be scheduled.
  • Added the ability to have secure, password-based meetings.
  • Added chat functionality during meetings.



  • Added the ability to choose Yealink T42S firmware version.
  • Certified Mitel 6930 - Auto-provision Only. Extendable key configurations are not yet included.


  • Updated Workflow Contacts to Global Contacts.
  • Updated Workflow Contact Groups to Contact Groups.
  • Updated CDR Logs to Call Logs.
  • Added Global Contacts to the User Phonebook.
  • Updated the Backup file prefix to "synkato-".

Lynk Desktop

  • Users now have the ability to select if they would like to hear the Lynk ringtone or the Generic ringtone during an incoming call to Lynk on the Desktop App. This setting is within the User Panel home page. Default is the Lynk ringtone.

Lynk Mobile

  • General updates.
  • Android - Removed the ability to mass delete contacts.
  • iOS - Removed the ability to mass delete contacts.
  • iOS - Added Synkato Version and Knowledge Base link to the About tab.
  • iOS - Added letters under the numbers on the dialer screen.


  • Revised the User Panel Phonebook module. Added the ability to create and manage personal contacts. 
  • If a phone number associated to a Global Contact or Personal Contact is seen in a call log, it will now show that contact's name.


  • Meetings can now be edited.
  • Meeting links are now provided for both Synkato users and non-Synkato guests.
  • Users with Installer level permissions can now end any call they are included as an invitee.


  • Added the ability to request weekend only updates in Update Settings.

Bug Fixes

Call Recordings

  • Fixed an issue where the CSV Export would not show any call recordings.


  • Fixed a rare issue where sent fax statuses were not consistently updating properly.


  • Security improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where Download vCard was not working consistently for users with phonebook enabled.
  • Fixed a rare issue where 911 email alerts would not be sent out consistently.
  • Fixed a rare issue where users were improperly being required to update their password on login when password expiration was set to Never on the system.
  • Fixed some minor UI issues with the Synkato header while on smaller browser windows.

Lynk Desktop

  • Fixed an occasional UI issue where the buttons would change position when Lynk is minimized and the user is on an active call.

Lynk Mobile - iOS

  • Fixed an issue where a user could still receive notifications for incoming calls after logging out.


  • Fixed a rare issue encountered during a migration that would cause Lynk Desktop to not work after a domain name change.

My Calls

  • Fixed a rare issue where the My Call module would only show calls for the current day.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not download or listen to a recording from the My Calls module.


  • Within Ring Group Analytics, fixed a rare issue where not all abandoned calls would not show in the Call Details report.
  • Within Call Logs, fixed a rare issue where a call would show as an "Internal" type, instead of a "Ring Group" type.


  • Fixed a rare issue where users would not consistently receive inbound SMS messages.


  • Fixed an issue where an administrator would get an error when enabling Lynk on a user with multiple additional extensions.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a previously deleted extension would become unavailable to be recreated.
  • Fixed a UI issue where the primary extension type could show as Bolt Softphone when Bolt was not set as primary.
  • Fixed a rare issue when an administrator disables Find Me on a user. 

Please contact with any questions.